Gemstones A-Z

There are literally hundreds of gemstones and minerals on our planet. Many of those, typically stones that have a higher hardness rating on Moh’s Scale, are used in jewelry. After looking at thousands and thousands of pieces, we’ve put together a list of the gemstones and minerals found in today’s jewelry. The chart below is sortable by name, hardness and family. This means you can look for “bloodstone,” or find all the gems in the garnet family.

Remember that harder gems are less likely to sustain damage when worn. Opals are low on this list and therefore require special care, whereas sapphires and rubies are just below diamonds in hardness and can withstand the rigors of daily wear, such as in a ring setting. If we’ve missed a stone, click here to let us know. We’ll happily add it!  For more information on gemstones, go to our Gemstone Resources page.

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