Pure Gold

Pure gold, or “24K,” is gold that has not been alloyed with other metals. Pure gold is never used to make jewelry as it’s too difficult to work with and it will scratch, dent and even break (a thin piece for example) very easily. The term pure is something of a misnomer because even pure bullion bars purchased for investment purposes contain fractional amounts of other metals. If you look at the stamping on a “pure gold” bar or coin, it will have a number from .99 to .9999. This means that there is a fraction of trace metals in the bar or coin. Even gold mined directly from the ground contains other trace elements and must be separated to increase purity.

Gold this pure is a consistent bright yellow. Pure gold does not tarnish so it does not change color.  For more information on other colors of gold, check out our gold alloy chart.

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